My name is Anna Lapina, originally from Russia, based in Luxembourg now. I am honored to be able to call myself an artist. What you see is not always what you see. So I really try to incorporate that in my artwork. Now I have combined few different styles, by using different materials. That I have been working on and mastering in the past 10 years into one style... I call it Movement. For me my art is a Movement on the present time, bright and colorful, full of passion, so it' is my abstract responsibility to inspire new generation.. Because now we have become a reflection of what we think people want to see. It's great to get out there an experience. I have lived in many of places Russia, Portugal, Belgium and now Luxembourg. I need to see other cultures and the way other people think.. it's so inspirational. I know I was put on this planet to show people how beautiful life is and if you dream every day all dreams become true one day. Because if you focus hard enough your dream will become reality. I am truly living the dream.
I have presented my work in numerous groups and solo shows at venues throughout Europe, including Russia, France, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Germany. My works have been acquired for private and corporate collections around the world.

In my art I want to show how life is beautiful, that we need to be happy every moment, every second, to appreciate everything, all dreams become true... indeed. Create your life self, dance your life forever.